Choose Faux Fur - Save Wild Animals

Why Choose Faux?

Last year 20% less animals were exploited for their fur. That equates to 20 million animals! 
This can be directly linked to the progress made in textile innovations and faux fur. 
Unfortunately fur farms do still exist around the world. Most animals are kept in inhumane conditions and killed in barbaric ways to protect the fur.  
However by choosing faux fur you are stopping the demand for real fur and showing other retailers that you do not need to use animal fur. 
The technological advances that have been made within the faux fur industry are remarkable. This means that you can get the same look and feel with some of the highest quality realistic faux furs on the market today while supporting the decline of animal cruelty.
We can now teach and show our children the beauty within nature and the wild through imaginative play without hurting the very animals they wish to meet.