Meet Our Artisans

I started Wolf & the Wildling from my own home two years ago, carefully hand making every garment from start to finish while also juggling motherhood. I understand first hand the satisfaction and the frustrations that can come from being a machinist.


I new that as W&W continued to grow I would need to outsource work but I did not want to hand this work over to a factory. Even if the factory has fair working conditions I just cant imagine the idea of repeating a few stitches for 8+ hours every day. I wanted one garment to be completed from start to finish by one person.   

Some of the most talented machinists in the world stem from China. A machinist is an artisan and I wanted to work with a community of women who could feel the satisfaction of creating something from start to finish. I also wanted to create an environment in which they can work within their own home around their own schedules and family commitments.

Machinists often get back problems and other ailments associated with long periods of work. Our community of women can choose when and how often they would like to work while also being paid more than double the wage of a machinist from a factory environment. 


I found myself immersed in a small community within the Ningbo province on the outskirts of Cixi. An absolutely beautiful community built over picturesque canals and waterways

I met with Jessie and her mother Sue who had welcomed my idea and made me feel incredibly at home. It was at this point that I new I had found my path.

 Sue has worked within a factory for most of her life, starting out on the factory floor as a young girl and working her way up the ladder to lead machinist and pattern maker. With Sue and Jessie's help within China and a growing number of orders it is our hope to continue to expand our team while giving other talented machinists the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home away from the factory environment.